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  • Search for the service you require by using the magnifying-glass icon
  • Use filters and sort by price
  • Find a verified professional that suits your budget


  • Describe the task that needs to be completed
  • Your request will be sent to the selected professional
  • Also, your request will be sent to other professionals in order for you to have a wide range of offers


  • You will receive an SMS with a link to the chat
  • Discuss details with professionals
  • Entrust the task to the selected professional
  • Pay the professional directly after the job is done

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Why Perfecto?


Imagine that you are looking for a plumbing specialist, car mechanic or electrician, but reference resources on the Internet show you the phones of companies that no longer exist. Nobody answers your calls; neighbors and friends cannot recommend anyone. Of course, you are familiar with a similar situation.


It would be great to have a reference base where reliable experts would be waiting for you, ready to fulfill an order at an acceptable price.


That's why has been created as a service for the selection of specialists to enable you, quickly and free of charge, to find real professionals to meet your needs, without regretting your choice. Seeking a good professional on the Internet is a long, difficult and often risky process. Perfecto quickly helps trusted professionals and users to meet each other and arrange reliable and safe service.


We collect as much information as possible about our specialists in order to protect Perfecto users from possible problems.


Each specialist on the Perfecto platform has his own profile with detailed information on skills and language knowledge, customer reviews, presentation of completed works, etc.


Any specialist represented on the platform must be thoroughly checked by our administration team so that users can be sure of their choice. We control all relevant data of an individual (autonomous) entrepreneur or company, address, tax and other information, and analyze customer reviews. A specialist who does not meet our high quality standards loses our certification and has no possibility of providing services on the Perfecto platform.


Having found a suitable specialist, you send Perfecto a short description of your needs in relation to any service. The system will notify the requested specialists and they will offer their services to the user.


We will show you a common assessment of the trust and reliability of each service provider, verified information about him, and his online status, and give you the opportunity to contact the specialist you need directly.


Feel free to choose the right specialist based on reviews, communication language, rating, examples of work, etc. It is also possible to make a request to one or more specialists at the same time. This group request is especially convenient – you simply select from various offers and compare prices. Looking for a specialist on Perfecto is free. And for the work performed, you pay the specialist a pre-agreed sum directly.


After the work is done, the specialist will ask you to leave a review.


Your reviews are perhaps the most important service that the Perfecto website offers to its users.


Reviews help us track the quality of service provided by our specialists. All reviews are genuine: only the user who found a specialist on the Perfecto website can post a review.


We are a team of professionals and are responsible for eliminating any doubts that you may have. Thank you for trusting the Perfecto website.
So, you just have to choose the service you are interested in and the service provider you like.


Our mission
– to create a community of professionals providing high quality services


Our vision
– to become an indispensable platform for recruiting specialists