Tree pruning - how does it work?

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Tree pruning - details

Pruning trees essentially consists of eliminating part of the tree, bush or flowering plant to help the greenery grow in the direction that the gardener chooses for the plant.

Pruning trees comprises a set of operations that are performed directly on the plant itself or on the twigs of the plant in order to change and/or control the size, as well aslimit the growth of the plant.

The gardener determines the height and width of the plant and thereby regulates the number of its flowers and fruits, which subsequently will improve the quality of the fruits and increase the plant’s fruitfulness every year.

In all types of pruning, the tools used must provide a clean cut, breaking the twigs. For a quality cut, the gardener's tools must be of high quality and well sharpened. After pruning trees, the tools must be cleaned, disinfected, and oiled for better preservation.

For various garden fruit trees, you can consider some of the main issues that improve the development of plants:

  • Pruning branches should facilitate the penetration of light and air, with only the main twigs remaining intact.
  • The gardener makes sure that fruit plantsachieve a balance between the floral part (which ultimately produces fruit) and the vegetative, leafy part.
  • Old and long, powerful, slightly woody vertical twigs with a small number of buds, usually growing near a cut or on the sides of thick twigs, should be removed.
  • The low shape of the tree makes fruit picking convenient. For this purpose, tall, thick twigs that cause the thinner twigs to bend down should be cut to slow down the circulation of tree sap and create more flower buds.
  • The gardener must ensure that the angles between the twigs are greater than 45º.
  • New twigs developing on thicker twigs should not grow close to each other, but should maintain adistance of over 15 cm.