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Clarification of the Terms of use: is an online trading platform for placement by private and commercial customers of requests for the performance of certain services and direct contact with verified service providers, as well as a directory with profiles of verified service providers.

User is a client receiving information or a service provider offering his services on the

Customer is a private or commercial client making a request for the provision of certain services on the

Service provider is a private or commercial provider of certain services, offering his services on the

Account is a data set available in the personal account of the user on the portal, through which the user enters and manages his data.

Contract is an agreement between the and the user that comes into force when the user starts to use the website.
The Portal of services

These general terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations of users during use of the

Your contractual partner is the (the “Portal")

1. The General Provision of Services

The is a platform for providing services by service providers and placing the requests for such services by customers.
Access to the platform and its use are available only to persons over 18 years of age who guarantee the portal that they have the right to this and can conclude legalcontracts in accordance with the existing legislation of the Kingdom of Spain.

By registering for the provision of services, the service provider declares and warrants that he, as well as employees, agents, contractors and subcontractors, have the appropriate and full qualifications and experience, as well as being licensed, certified and insured in accordance with applicable laws or regulations of the Kingdom of Spain.

Portal users understand and agree that the platform itself does not provide any services, but is only a platform where the customer can contact the service provider, and the service provider can contact the customer.

The does not control and does not have the right to control the services and quality of services provided by the service provider.
The use of certain features, such as placing requests for services, requires pre-registration.

The user contract is concluded when the portal is used for an indefinite period.
When registering and placing requests on the portal, the customer must provide true and complete information about himself, in particular his name, surname and phone number.

For the validity period of the contract, the user has to update the information provided by him in the “Personal Account” section.

2. The contract for the use of the platform

On condition that the user observes these rules, the provides the user with a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable and non-sublicensable license to reproduce and display collective content (with the exception of any software source code) solely for personal and non-commercial use and only in connection with the user’s access to the platform.
The user does not have the right to copy, adapt, modify, distribute, license, sell, transfer, publicly display, broadcast or otherwise use the platform or the collective content of the platform inappropriately.

The platform and collective content are provided to the user in an up-to-date state.

3. Access to the portal

Registration on the portal is free for all users. 

Registered and logged-in users can edit and correct their data.

Accounts cannot be resold or transferred to third parties.

Customers register using their mobile phone. Navigation in some sections of the portal can also be carried out by unregistered users for free.

To use services of the portal, registration on the portal and the creation of a secure account are required. The user declares and agrees to provide accurate, updated and complete information during registration or in the process of sending a request for services at any time when he is using the platform; if there are any changes in the data provided during registration, it is the user's responsibility to inform the about the changes to the specified data.

Service providers choose the most secure password and take the necessary measures to protect the password from unauthorized use.

Attention! Please do not pass on your password for the to anyone.

Employees of the portal do not ask for a password from users.
The user declares and agrees that he will be responsible for protecting the confidentiality of the password for accessing the and will be responsible for all actions on the portal within the user account.

The user must immediately inform the portal support service if he has any suspicions that third parties are using the user's access data without permission. If the user has reason to suspect that his access data is used by others, the portal administration may block this user’s access to the portal.

4. Services on the portal

To use all the services offered, you need to register on the portal as a customer or service provider. This can be done by providing some personal information and data, including a valid personal email address, and creating a personal account of the service provider.

After registration is completed, the service provider can receive and change the entered data at any time.

The user is solely responsible for the accuracy and updating of this information.

The user who registers as a service provider at the same timer registers as a customer and therefore can also use the portal as a customer.
5. The provision of services by the portal to the customer

Use of the portal by the customer is free at all stages.

The user who uses the portal as a customer provides the portal with his personal phone number.

In order to use the portal as a customer during registration and successfully send a request to service providers,you should check and enter your phone number. After entering the phone number, the portal sends the user an SMS with a six-digit confirmation code. Until the SMS code is entered in the required field and the phone number entered by the user is thus confirmed, the request for service cannot be approved by the portal administration and sent to the appropriate service providers.

The phone number entered during the request will be used to verify that the entered phone number belongs to the customer.

The client communicates with the service provider through a chat in the personal accounts of the customer and service provider respectively.

The entered phone number will under no circumstances be transferred to service providers or third-party companies.

The customer is aware that the checks the information provided in the customer’s requests before sending this request to service providers.

The reserves the right to stop, block or cancel inappropriate, inaccurate or incomplete requests.

6. The provision of services to the service provider

Registration of the service provider on the portal is free; also free is the use of the portal by the service provider for the presentation of his services. After registration, the service provider can create a profile of his business, which displays the necessary data, services offered, photos of work, diplomas, certificates, customer reviews, etc.

After registration of the service provider on the portal and completion of the profile verification procedure by the administration, the service provider will be able to:

  • receive requests for the provision of certain services from customers;
  • make offers on requests sent by customers;
  • get credit points for answering customers` requests;
  • answer customers` requests in a chat on the portal;
  • send prices and offers to customers and agree the terms of services offered.

Currently the platform is in launch mode, therefore all services for professionals are completely free of charge.

7. The number of services rendered for the service provider on the portal

Online marketing is related to high costs and necessary know-how that service providers usually do not have. The makes every effort to ensure that the service provider’s profile will be well seen on the Internet. For this purpose,the portal constantly invests in all important channels of online marketing and thereby attracts the attention of potential customers to the services of service providers.

Online channels served by the range from Google search to partner marketing. The constantly places ads on all relevant web resources to direct users to the service provider’s services. The also constantly and professionally optimizes the service providers` profiles to enable the customer to find service providers` services quickly through online search.

The does not take a fee for the work that the service provider performs after receiving a request from the customer through the portal. Also, the does not charge a regular fee for the service provider`s profile on the portal.

8. Legal aspects

By registering as a service provider on the portal, the user confirms that he is a bona fide taxpayer. It is forbidden to perform works that violate legal provisions of labor legislation.

Serious violations of these rules may lead to temporary or complete blocking of certain services and access of the service provider without prior notice.

9. Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright

The content is protected by copyright, trademark law and other laws of the Kingdom of Spain, foreign countries and international conventions. All trademarks, logos, trade names, and any other designations of the used in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Any other trademarks, logos, or trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

We expect that users will observe the copyright law. In appropriate circumstances, we terminate the account of any user who repeatedly violates the rights or is deemed to have repeatedly violated the rights of copyright owners.

10. Limitation of liability

Any user using the confirms and agrees that all risks arising from the user’s access to the platform are the risks of the portal user alone.
Neither the, nor any other party involved in the creation or operation of the platform, is responsible for the actions of third parties.
Neither the nor any other party shall be liable for any possible damage or for:

  • any accidental, intentional or indirect damage, including lost profits, loss of data, etc.;
  • computer breakdown or system failure;
  • cost of spare parts or cost of equipment repair services;
  • inappropriate use of the platform;
  • any conflicts between the users or between them and other persons with whom the user communicates or interacts as a result of using the platform;
  • damage to health in any form.

Neither the, nor the portal employees, director sand agents shall under any circumstances be liable for harm arising from the use of the platform by the user, or from inappropriate use of the platform, or in connection with any services or interaction with any other users.

11. Use of the platform

Platform users are prohibited from:

  • using the account of another person and passing himself off as someone else;
  • in any way copying the copyrighted text or otherwise using the platform’s information or content on a similar or competing portal;
  • taking any actions that could unreasonably disrupt the operation of the platform; overcoming barriers to prevent or restrict access to the platform; disabling or otherwise interfering with the platform’s security features; introducing viruses or any other technology that could harm the or its users; violating any copyrights of platform users; gaining access to trade secrets or other rights of third parties including rights to privacy or publicity; or violating other rules of the portal’s operation;
  • agitating to buy something, offering services not as the service provider on the platform, offering work outside the services published on the platform, requesting or contacting the platform users in any form for other purposes outside the services on the platform;
  • taking any inappropriate or illegal action, including sending inappropriate or illegal content through the platform, such as offensive, illegal, libelous, threatening, discriminatory or other content that promotes and encourages inappropriate activity and behavior that may be considered a criminal offense, or which may result in civil liability or violate any law;
  • violating any key rules of the that govern the use of the platform and the interaction of users and third parties.

It is strictly forbidden to post racist, pornographic, immoral or other such content. It is also forbidden to post information that affects or endangers the development of children or youth and violates human dignity or other legitimate interests protected by the criminal code. It is forbidden to call for the commission of crimes or to create and distribute instructions for committing offenses.

Insults, bullying, defamation or threats to other users are strictly prohibited.
Violation of copyrights, trademarks or other property rights of third parties is prohibited.

Mass mailings to portal users are prohibited.

The has the right to terminate the contract concluded with the user without prior notice if the user can no longer be expected to comply with the contract; in particular if the user violates these conditions or applicable law. A notice of termination of the portal services is sent by email to the user`s address as specified during registration.

12. Force Majeure

The service search platform does not bear any responsibility to users or third parties for any delay or non fulfillment of obligations due to conditions arising for reasons beyond the control of the portal.

Such reasons may be acts of declared or undeclared war, acts of supervisory authorities, strikes, earthquakes, floods, national disasters, inaccessibility of necessary utilities, power outages, pandemics, fires, natural disasters and other instances of force majeure.

13. Applicable law and final provisions

In all matters reflected or not reflected in these conditions of use of the portal, the legislation of the Kingdom of Spain applies.

These terms of use of the portal, together with the privacy policy of the portal and any other legal notices or additional conditions published on the platform constitute the entire agreement between the user and the platform.

The only exception lies in cases expressly specified in these conditions. If any clause of the conditions becomes invalid, it does not affect the validity of the remaining clauses of the conditions.

In case the user has any questions about these conditions or the platform, it is possible to send an email to